A 2015 Calendar: Profiles of Women who Love Math and Science

Crystal Noel, Quantum Physics

Crystal Noel,
Quantum Physics

Jasmine Perey, Science Education

Jasmine Perey,
Science Education

Yessica Martinez, Molecular Biology

Yessica Martinez,
Molecular Biology

Rebekah Shirley, Renewable Energy

Rebekah Shirley,
Renewable Energy

Jade Zhang, Theoretical Ecology

Jade Zhang,
Theoretical Ecology

Michelle Warner, Mechanical Engineering

Michelle Warner,
Mechanical Engineering

A Modern and Stylish Calendar (the Perfect Gift)

A great gift for the girl in your life, this fashion forward calendar profiles young hip women, early in their science and tech careers. Inspire your girl to stick with math and science - introduce her to some awesome role models. The calendar includes:

  • Twelve inspiring profiles of women doing cool work
  • Visually stunning portraits, professionally styled and photographed
  • Fun Q&A with the models on topics that girls can connect with
  • A fresh and stylish take on women who love science and math

The Right Role Models for Girls Today

We all look to larger-than-life women like Jane Goodall and Marie Curie as inspiration, but we believe girls want to connect to women closer to their own age. And they'd love seeing them profiled in a stylish, cool way.


Meet Amy Shanahan - a role model that girls can relate to, profiled to educate and inspire

Why Girls Need Help

When girls reach adolescence, their confidence in science and math goes down. And since self esteem is correlated with performance in these subjects, that's a problem!